Man Killed In Rollover Crash Near Artesian

Man Killed In Rollover Crash Near Artesian

A man has died in a one-vehicle crash west of Artesian Friday night. The 62-year-old man was traveling east on SD Highway 34 getting ready to head south onto SD Highway 37 when he lost control of the vehicle, which then rolled and hit an electrical pole. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. He was wearing his seatbelt. The man’s name has not been released pending notification of family. JavaScript is used to provide enhanced functionality for much of For the best experien
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City Of Sioux Falls Buying Homes In Area that Floods

City Of Sioux Falls Buying Homes In Area that Floods

City leaders say fewer homes could mean a few less flooding problems in a Sioux Falls neighborhood.  The City is offering to buy several homes along the west side of South Covell Avenue.  A project leader says the plan is to demolish the homes and improve the drainage system area. The neighborhood is in a lower part of the city and just a little bit west of Augustana University.  The cluster of homes the City is looking at is between 28th and 33rd Streets, and home to a number of
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Ronald Neels Sentenced To 75 Years In Prison

Ronald Neels Sentenced To 75 Years In Prison

For 14 years, Ronald Neels sexually assaulted the same victim. Now, he most likely will spend the rest of his life behind bars.  On Monday, a Minnehaha County Judge sentenced the 53-year-old to 75 years at the state penitentiary. For more than a decade, nobody knew Ronald Neels was sexually abusing a victim inside his home near Garretson. The victim never said anything about the crimes until she was convinced by a co-worker to speak out. That victim spoke in court to Neels for what sh
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Bishop Dudley House Helping Clients Find Jobs, Housing

Bishop Dudley House Helping Clients Find Jobs, Housing

The cold winds blowing across South Dakota send a collective chill through the homeless of Sioux Falls.  For the past ten months, they’ve been able to find shelter from the weather extremes at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House.  Newly-released visitor numbers tell how strong the need for homeless services has been since the facility opened in January. The raw numbers reveal the overwhelming demand for a warm bed in Sioux Falls: more than 27,000 overnight stays at the Bishop Dudl
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Tips Lead To Drug Bust In Dell Rapids

Tips Lead To Drug Bust In Dell Rapids

An anonymous tip leads Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Deputies to a Dell Rapids home full of drugs.  45 year-old Cindy Woods is behind bars for the crime. Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force used a searched warrant to enter a home on East 3rd Street. They found 7 1/2 pounds of marijuana, more than 100 grams of meth and two handguns. She’s now charged with several drug dealing related crimes. With hands over her face, Woods walked into the Minnehaha County Courthouse to hear the felony cha
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Sioux Falls Man Facing Rape Charges In Two States

Sioux Falls Man Facing Rape Charges In Two States

JavaScript is used to provide enhanced functionality for much of For the best experience on this site, please enable JavaScript. Two states and multiple crimes. Frederick McAbee is being held at the Pipestone County Jail, where he is waiting for his first court appearance. KELOLAND News got the court papers from both Minnehaha and Pipestone County to get a better understanding of what happened Friday. When Sioux Falls Police came to this neighborhood on Friday morning, they s
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How To Find A Contractor

The internet revolution has changed practically every industry. Home improvement wasn’t spared either. (In a good sense, that is).

Going through your local Yellow Pages book now seems to be quiet outdated. Instead, the internet now offers a multitude of opportunities of finding a
contractor to take care of your repair and home improvement needs.

First of, there are many online telephone directories which offer generic information such as company name, address, and phone number. Such sites are usually very easy to use and let the user select a detailed field of contractor service that they need. Furthermore, the users may use the ZIP code option and have the site show only the contractors that are located within a certain mileage from their home. While online yellow pages are easy to use, they don’t provide any information about the company itself.

There are also websites that actually “pre-screen” contractors, making sure that they are licensed and insured. The ease in this case is that you type in your project details and information and have the site do all the work. The minus is that these sites sell the information you give them to contractors and depending on how many such sales they make, you may end up getting phone calls from more contractors than you wish to talk to.

The last, but not least popular methods of finding contractors are contractor directories. Contractor directories enables contractors to post their own business description, capitalizing on their expertise and users leave feedback on their experience with the contractors, serving as a recommendation or a warning for further dealings with the contractor.

If you are looking for a contractor online, make sure to do some due diligence. Go to your local state or city website and check if the contractor indeed has a valid license number. Your local Better Business Bureau should be good places to check if any complains have been filed. Finally, talk to the contractor yourself. Don’t be shy about asking for references and do check them out. Discuss your project as detailed as possible. Make sure that you’re both agree on a date when the project will be completed and put it in a contract. The reason is that you don’t want the contractor to stop working on your project if he gets a more profitable gig. As for the payment, don’t pay upfront. Break it up into a few payments, one being a deposit and others should be paid upon completion of certain parts of the project.

All of the above methods are good in some sense. However, it is the consumers’ responsibility to make sure that he/she isn’t being serviced by someone who will defraud them or damage their property. After all it’s always possible to pay to be included into websites and have multiple accounts to leave yourself a good feedback.

Always remember, it’s your money and your house. If you’re paying someone to work for you, you have to make sure that you’re getting your money worth.

How to Choose the Best Sioux Falls Roofing Contractor

When it comes to home roofing repairs or improvements, many people find themselves at a loss because they are either unable to complete the needed roofing repairs or they simply do not have the time. In either situation, the best thing to do is to hire a professional roofing contractor. But, what qualities should one look for in a contractor and how can you be sure that he/she will be the best person for the job? These are common questions and should be answered prior to hiring a professional roofing contractor in Sioux Falls.

Roofer Sioux launches new website

The spring season always brings in new construction and roofing projects. The Roofing Experts at have launched a new website that will provide videos and important information to home owners who are considering adding new shingles to their homes.

The information found on the website is designed to help homeowners learn about roofing choices. The videos are particularly helpful, and the content is provided from various residential roofing experts.

Their new Twitter account can be located at

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The Story Behind The Naming Of Sioux Falls Events Center – KELOLAND TV Tue, 18 Feb 2014 00:06:34 GMT KELOLAND TVThe Story Behind The Naming Of Sioux Falls Events CenterKELOLAND TVThe hospital system bearing his name and bronze statues of his likeness are common sites in Sioux Falls. To date, Thomas Denny Sanford has donated more than $800 million to the former Sioux Valley Hospital, which has enabled the now Sanford Healthᅠ…and moreᅠ» Read more … More candidates might join Sioux Falls council races – Sioux Falls Argus Leader Sat, 22 Feb 2014 14:02:16 GMT More candidates might join Sioux Falls council racesSioux Falls Argus LeaderWith less than a week left to file for Sioux Falls City Council seats, two previously unopposed candidates might have some challengers. Continue reading Sioux Falls Company RSS

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